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1. Return Policy

Any Pro Puller Tire may be returned for any reason, within a 30 day period of the date of purchase with no financial consequence other than return shipping.

Tires returned after 30 days will incur a 10% restocking fee.

No returns after 90 days.

If an exception to the return policy is granted, no credit will be given for any cutting or hardening. Refunds will be in the amount of original purchase price only.

No returns on cut tires unless there is a defect issue. (air pockets, foreign material, uncured rubber, bad bead, etc etc) In the event that a defect is discovered, each tire will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If the tire has been cut when the defect is discovered, we will work with the customer on a case by case basis as well.

“Performance” of the tires will not grant any grounds for return or refund.

Tires that have been mounted and ran will not be eligible for return.

2. Shipping/Delivery Policy

All tires are priced F.O.B. Pro Puller Tires warehouse located at 209 Nemaha St. Firth Nebraska 68358

Factory Direct/ Warehouse shipments will be made within both 48 hours after receiving payment for the tires, and the completion of production of the tires.

All puller tire orders placed over 2500 lb, and sourced direct from our Tennessee factory, will receive free shipping anywhere in the continental US 48 states. Any tires purchased out of our Nebraska warehouse will be charged for shipping.

All other tire purchases will be charged a shipping fee no matter what the weight of the order is.

Tire orders that are placed before an event that we are attending will be brought to the show at no shipping cost to the buyer as long as there is room in the truck or trailer for that order.

Shipping fees on all returns will be paid for by the buyer except in the case of a defect, or misrepresentation from the seller.

All sales and shipments are made on a first come, first shipped basis dependent on payment.

All items must be inspected for damage and accepted before signing for the package. Any damages must be noted on the shipper’s bill of lading.

All shipments need to be delivered to an address identified as commercial by FedEx Freight. Any surcharges for a residential delivery will be the customer’s responsibility.

3. Warranty Policy

All manufacturers’ warranties will be extended to the customer. There are no other warranties offered by Pro Puller Tires.

Abuse or accidental damage to the tire will not be covered under warranty.

Any alterations than those recommended from the manufacturer voids the factory warranty. (Hardening, Shrinking, Stretching).

Tread peeling or cracking in the tread face is caused by excessive hardening after the factory curing process, and is not covered under warranty.

We will work with the buyer and manufacturer on “unforeseen” circumstances.

4. Trade-In Policy

Pro Puller Tires is a manufacturer that works through a dealer network. All trade-ins must be handled through the dealer network listed on our website.

Pro Puller Tires may from time to time, have adjustment tires, out of spec tires and tires with imperfections that will be offered to dealers first and if no dealers are interested in the product, Pro Puller Tires may sell those tires outside of the Dealer network.

5. Sizing/Specs Policy

All first line tires are matched up for weight and circumference, and will have no more than a 20 lb difference in weight, and no more than a 2″ variance in circumference unless previously specified.

All tires will comply with standard national rules for width and circumference at the time they leave the warehouse, unless marked on the ticket.

No returns for tires that are outside of the standard specs when out of spec tires are requested by the buyer.

No returns on tires because of rule changes being enforced.

6. Refund Policy

Refunds will be made when the tires are received at the warehouse.

7. Payment Policy

All payments must be made at the time of order when being shipped. No shipments will be made unless paid for before shipping.

Orders placed to be brought to a show may be paid for upon delivery at the show.

Checks, money order, Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card only.

All credit card transactions are subject to a 3% markup on ticketed price.

8. Donations/Advertising policy

We reserve the right to use our customer’s photos and names in our advertising methods.

When soliciting donations/advertising from Pro Puller Tires, an advertising form must be filled out and approved before advertising will be paid.

We will not sponsor any individual puller.

9. Rebates (When Offered)

All purchases for rebates must be dated by the specified time, or they will not be honored.

All rebate submissions must be postmarked by the specified time, or they will not be honored.

Our policy is subject to change at any time.

Last Update: 5-2-2023

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