Coming Soon! 48 Bar 30.5X32 Holeshot available in 10 ply, 12 ply, and 14 ply


Pro Puller Tires, LLC is based near Firth, Nebraska (which is located approximately 20 miles south of Lincoln, Nebraska).

We are dedicated to providing the best pulling tires on the market, period.

Pro Puller Tires started in late 2016 with the first edition of our “Full Pull” tire in 24.5X32 and 30.5X32 that was built overseas. The tires worked well, but we felt the need to bring our tire production to the United States for better quality, consistency, and technology.

Our first tire built in Tennessee was the 24.5X32 Full Pull 10 ply and they immediately started to take over the competition with a wider footprint and consistent results. Our 30.5X32 came out shortly after. We looked at the pulling landscape and wondered why one tire had to fit every single class. We then designed a 12 ply and 14 ply tire to hold up to the needs of high horsepower classes.

In 2021 we released the Holeshot line of tires in 10, 12, and 14 ply 24.5X32. These tires feature a wider footprint for even more traction, as well as a proprietary rubber compound that grips the dirt better than ever!

Aaron Docter, President of Pro Puller Tires, has worked in the tire business for 11 years of his life and loves people. A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with his B.A. in Marketing, a Management minor and an emphasis in sales, Aaron has the knowledge and connections to take care of your pulling tire needs. One could find Aaron hopping around to tractor pulls all over the country this season, and seasons to come. Feel free to stop by and find out why Pro Puller Tires are the best on the market!

Vision Statement: A Pro Puller on every track.

Mission Statement: Give our customers a winning product through continuous innovation.

Helping Those In Need

We love giving back to the community here at Pro Puller Tires, and would love to hear from you about any opportunities to help those in need!

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