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Mark Hawthorn – “We put on 24.5 pro pullers for the 2018 season. We won 6 times (double than anyone in the class)including winning the first three pulls to start the season and had a 28 point lead before the rear end broke. We only missed the top three 3 in 3 hooks. We were very happy on how well they performed for us.”

Clint Metting – “Tires hook good, and have helped me win 17 times in the Pro Stock class.”

Roger Ruwe – “If you want some of the best tires made, buy the Pro Pullers. They’re an excellent tire.”

Craig Ratermann – “Pro Puller Tires were the missing piece to our puzzle. Couldn’t ask for a better product and any better people to work with. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!”

John Kutz – “These tires work great! They turned my tractor into a top performer.”

Allen Andrews – “I’ve collected almost $2,000 off of the winnings program over the last 2 seasons. 2 points titles, and a win at Louisville. Thanks Pro Puller”

Bob Wittenbrader – Thanks for supplying us with new tires last year. We ended up winning the Modified championship title with them on. Thanks again for supplying a quality product at a reasonable price.”

Wes Spencer – “The hole shot on these tires is second to none, they lift the front end and carry it all the way down the track.”