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ProPuller Winners

We pay $100 for every qualifying win you get with our Pro Puller Tires! We are the ONLY pulling tire company that puts money back in your pocket for using our product!

  •  $2,000 - winners

    $2,000 1 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Allen Andrews Dakota Deere
  •  $1,800 - winners

    $1,800 1 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Clint Metting Bulletproof Buck
  •  $1,300 - winners

    $1,300 2 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Tyler Audet Pure Bred Red
    Charlie Capozzo Cruel Intentions
  •  $1,200 - winners

    $1,200 2 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Chad Weitzenkamp Someday
    Mark Sindlinger​​ Babe
  •  $1,100 - winners

    $1,100 1 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Justin Massie Old Red
  •  $900 - winners

    $900 1 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Jim Barman Hooked Up
  •  $800 - winners

    $800 2 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Jarrod Hagena Forever Green
    Dave Whelan My Last Excuse
  •  $700 - winners

    $700 7 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Mark and Larry Hawthorn Lil Green Giant
    Keith Keller Alcoholic Oval
    Brad Stoll Red Gambler
    Walt Biggs The Driller
    Alan Cook Black Thunder​
    Loren Paulsen Deere Commander
    Craig Ratermann Full Boar
  •  $600 - winners

    $600 4 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Roger Ruwe One Mean Farmer
    Kevin Utt Rolling Thunder
    Kevin Stumler The Mule Deere 2 Extreme
    Ron Schwaninger Husker Harvester
  •  $500 - winners

    $500 5 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Allen Heasley The Tin Man
    Jeff Larson Hotwire
    Hayden Otto Blue Power Express
    ​Dirk Bauerle High Dollar Hooker​
    Kyle Betenbender Deere Hunter
  •  $400 - winners

    $400 2 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Mark Culbertson Sparky
    Kevin McIntire High Dollar Hooker
  •  $300 - winners

    $300 14 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Dave Rozeboom / Kurt Kooima Red Rock
    Russ / Greg Freeze Deere Traxx
    Chad Andrews Brule Buck
    Scott Struthoff Deerely Devoted
    Kevin English The Gambler
    James Hunt All In!
    Rick Schibi Hauling Allis
    Keith Race Red Rattler
    Paul Biehl Hellbilly Deluxe
    Jordan Harris Bullheaded Binder
    ​​Don Slama Fast And Furious
    Matt Boyes JD8430
    Connie Mullenix Gopher
    ​Nick Audet Udder Obsession
  •  $200 - winners

    $200 21 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Nick Skaar Screamin' Norweigan
    Tim Dunklau Ground Force
    Bryan Deck One Bad Apple
    Tanner Michael Snuffy
    Jason Forrester Papa Smurf
    Steve Shakelford All Business
    Clayton Schmitt Cornhusker Cadillac
    Ricky Tavenner Case IH MXM175
    Allen Shellum Constant Chaos
    Art Forrest Red Fever II
    Norm Kavan Magnum Force
    Casey Asmus Deere Cruiser
    Steve Kavan Pride of the Farm
    Kylie Werner Rage-N-Buck
    Doug Ruth Ruthless Binder
    ​Bret Drecksage Full Throttle Deere
    Sam Kitzmiller New Generation
    Keith Keaschall Die Hard Deere
    John Lilly Extreme Pressure
    ​Frank Payne Pure Luck / Spare Parts
    Matt Holland Black Tornado
  •  $100 - winners

    $100 35 drivers

    Driver NameTractor Name
    Jim Mehrends North Prairie Deere
    Michael Page The Demonstrator
    Ken Mike Binder Time
    Karen Hoffman Tractor
    Chris Baker Superfarm
    Danny Barker Rhapsody
    Bret Berg LG Seeds Moneymaker Modified
    Kevin Essary Evening Thunder
    Brad Woods Thunderstruck
    Mark Roberts Spanky's Toy
    Jon Silsby Doctor Deere
    Shane Masten Thumpin' Pumpkin
    Mitch Zumbach IH1066
    Jordan Lashua Harrison Hooker
    Taylor Van Beek Extreme Pleasure SF
    Mark Roberts Spanky's Toy
    Rod Ewing Ramrod II
    Nate Williams Addiction
    Mike Orr Bulletproof
    Travis Smith Cornfield Cadillac
    Wayne Tedder Machine Shed Rocket
    Jason Rosenquist Gold Rush
    ​Elmer Haug Little Temptation
    Joel Osborne Lil 2 Tough
    Kevin Lindstrom Hyper Harvester
    Mike Dunklau Burnin' Bucks
    ​Ben Coulter Ole Yeller 2
    Josh Maddux Crooked Creek Binder
    Mark Hootman Hooter's Scooter
    ​Robbie Lemke New Generation
    Brandon Coates Just Another Buck
    ​Cody Wheeler Load Runner
    Russ Meyer Nickle At A Time
    Randy Barreau Tool Times 2
    Troy Kutscherenko 1066 IH

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