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Ask for Aaron

Pro Puller Tires

30.5x32 Pro Puller Full Pull

30.5 x 32 10 Ply $5,000

*All prices on puller tires are for 2 closely paired tires, picked up at our warehouse in Firth.

20.8 R 38 Pro Puller Full Pull

Our unique tread design can offer up to approximately 15% more footprint on the ground for better traction.

We strive to keep our Pro Puller, Full Pull tire up to date with new technology and are working with the best cutters in the nation to keep our customers ahead of their competition. Our unique design can put more footprint on the ground than other puller tire brands.

20.8 r 38 10 Ply $4,400

18.4 R 38  8 Ply  $3,500

30.5 x 32  8 Ply  $5,000

24.5 X 32 10 Ply $6,900